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It’s long been known that not all links are created equal. That begs the questions, “Which links are best?” and “How do I know if I’m getting good links?”


DiamondLinks SEO and Link Building Methods

It’s long been known that not all links are created equal. That begs the questions, “Which links are best?” and “How do I know if I’m getting good links?”

The answer is simple, if links are easy to acquire, they’re value and cost are expected to be low. Low quality links come with baggage usually in the form of a penalty, reduced rankings or a warning in your Google Webmaster Tools account.

High quality links are more difficult to acquire; they take time to source and the best links are built manually, one by one. We focus on these links, high quality links that provide long term ranking value.

At DiamondLinks we focus on two types of links, Premium Links and Contextual Links. Read about both below.

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“After we started partnering with DiamondLinks to boost our off-page SEO, we’ve seen a 300% increase in organic rankings in under 9 months.”
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Premium Links


Premium Links have long been accessible only to PR agencies and the industry elites. Now, we can offer links and content on reputable sites such as Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Miami Herald, Business.com, Chicago Tribune, and many others.

These sites are well known and provide a type of link that is extremely difficult to get.

Historically, the way to get these links was to create a unique pitch, find the right editor and start banging on their door until they answer. Many times, you could call, email and even write and mail a letter and get no response. This was time consuming and tedious. We’ve done all of that work and have writers and publishers ready to craft an article on your behalf. This article, when published on a premium site can help pull you to the top of the search results!

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Contextually Relevant Links

Content (or links) without context is meaningless! Would you rather have two links on unrelated pages or one link on a relevant page? Context is everything and Google knows that!

Google’s awareness of what a page is about is truly astonishing. Google is able to return results not just based on words and phrases but through an extensive algorithm called latent semantic indexing (or latent semantic analysis). This means that Google knows the words “dentist”, “tooth” and “pain” are all related even though the words stand alone. This is why context is important!

If your link is on a page that is completely unrelated to your keywords and industry, you’re not fooling Google. You’re losing value in your links because they’re contextually unrelated.

We solve that by ensuring your links are on contextually relevant pages.

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Search Engine Optimization

We have the right tool for the job. If you have a unique situation requiring a unique approach, we’re uniquely suited to help! Check out a couple of these other services but know that we don’t use these for clients unless we’ve specifically discussed it with you and have clearly explained the risks and benefits, and side effects (ask your doctor if DiamondLinks is right for you!).

Unique to you

Other Services

Author Links

Get published on Amazon and get great links as a result! We can handle the entire process from idea to publication. The book will be based on you or your industry and we’ll craft an excellent book that you’ll be proud of. We can even ship you a bunch of copies to hand out to family at Christmas. Seriously, we’ll ship you 25 copies for you to hand out, just ask.

The book and publication is just the beginning, we can immediately begin shipping copies out to reviewers.

Low Quality Links

Need some juice to your social profiles and other domains you don’t own? Just call us Barry Bonds and we’ll keep you in the clear like BALCO! Remember, these links will likely get your domain penalized, but work great for boosting Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media properties.

Private Blog Network

Properly created, a private blog network can be like diamonds for a link building company. You just need to make sure you’re digging in the right areas or you’ll find yourself conflicted! Our private blog network boasts about 150 sites and are completely sustainable! We’ve owned many of these sites for 10 years and they’re built out with social media accounts, multiple authors and are all contextually relevant to their industry.

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We acquire high quality links that will drive the right customers to your website. By utilizing our experience and relationships with well known publications we can deliver you links on premium sites such as Forbes and New York Times. We always make sure our links are contextually relevant and look organic.