Furthering the positive response to a PR crisis.

Public Relations Agencies that either specialize in Crisis PR, or irregularly have clients in need of Crisis PR, need to ensure that the negative narratives of their clients are quickly turned positive. DiamondLinks partners with PR agencies to further the online presence of the positive placements they’re earning for their clients.

Crisis PR

Brands and Businesses

Consumers make both short and long term decisions about brands they choose to buy from when conducting an online search. 94% of consumers don’t go past the 1st page of an online search result and 98% don’t go past the 2nd page. This makes it imperative for a company to take back ownership of these search pages when a negative event is taking up the valuable search real estate. 

Link building to past and current positive media, a brand’s website and key executives, allows companies to accelerate the time it takes to suppress negative online stories. A positive PR story alone, may not have the strength to rank about a negative story, which is where DiamondLinks comes in to ensure the positives are built to outrank the negatives. 

Many companies don’t realize that unless something is done to suppress a negative story online, they will remain a high ranking negative search result indefinitely. This can have lingering and damaging effects on business outcomes until something is done to change the search results story to positive.

Crisis PR 2

Individuals and Images

Celebrities, executives and high net worth individuals stand to lose significant income, and potential income, every day a negative story or image continues to be found easily online. The challenge with Crisis PR alone, is that it may miss 1 or more of the important elements that leave a digital footprint from a negative event – image, search suggestions, related searches and the search results themselves. 

Images can be particularly damaging and can stay around for years. In order for a negative event to truly be suppressed, the negative images associated must also be removed from immediate search visibility.