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    Are You Paying Too Much For Reputation Management?

    Are you confused about the cost of reputation management? Maybe you’ve contacted different reputation management companies, and they’ve told you everything from $500 to $50,000 for the same services. On top of confusing pricing, you may not know what they’re talking about when they explain to you the online reputation management services they provide. We’re…

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    Ask DiamondLinks: What Are the Best Social Media Platforms for Reputation Management?

    Today’s question from Ask DiamondLinks is: “What is the most popular social media platform for reputation management?” Remove Personal Feelings For Specific Platforms In order to answer this question we have to remove our personal enjoyment or dislike for specific social media platforms. If you love TikTok or hate Instagram… it’s irrelevant. That’s because Online…

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    Ask DiamondLinks: What is the Difference Between Proactive and Reactive Reputation Management?

    Today’s Ask DiamondLinks question comes from a reader who asks: “You mentioned proactive and reactive reputation management. What’s the difference?” That’s a great question that we typically talk through with our clients to discover their needs and how we can be able to help them. The best way to break down the difference is like…

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    Ask DiamondLinks: How Do I Effectively Test Something?

    Today’s question for Ask DiamondLinks comes from a user submitted question, and it asks: “You’ve talked about testing before. How do I effectively test something?” That’s a fantastic question. For me, I talk about testing a lot. Some examples of what we test at DiamondLinks include: Comparing subject lines for email blasts Selecting between two…

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