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DiamondLinks is a complete link building service and online reputation management firm. Our focus is results. If your results aren’t moving in the search results, we’re not doing our job!

Our company has 30+ years of combined experience in the SEO and ORM industry. With many years of experience comes time-tested ranking results. DiamondLinks is always pushing the envelope of testing and cutting edge SEO strategies.

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We suppressed a negative article from the top 10 down to No. 76.

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Our Online Reputation Management and SEO services are top notch.

  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    DiamondLinks provides better than the gold standard. DiamondLinks is for those that want their results like diamonds: beautiful, long lasting, and real. That’s what you get when you choose to work with us and we are happy to be a part of your success.

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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    DiamondLinks is a complete link building service and online reputation management firm. Our focus is results.

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  • White Label ORM & SEO Management

    We work behind the scenes, in a white label capacity, with many companies to help them achieve results. Whether you have one client looking for some help, or you’re packaging our services to a larger audience, we can help you meet the expectations of your clients.

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Why It Matters

Consumers trust online search results as much as a personal referral.

If someone is searching for your business, they’re likely a prospective customer, current customer, prospective employee or investor related. If they’re searching for you as an individual, they’re likely a prospective employer, current employer or investor related. So, the stakes couldn’t be higher in controlling what these search results say about you or your business.
Who We Serve

Let us help you with your reputation.

  • Legal Reputation Management

    Trust us with your professional reputation and allow us to grow your online marketing.

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  • Healthcare ORM & SEO

    We provide peace of mind to physicians through online reputation management and search engine optimization.

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  • White Label Management

    We are white label reputation management experts.

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“After we started partnering with DiamondLinks to boost our off-page SEO, we’ve seen a 300% increase in organic rankings in under 9 months.”


What Our People Say
“Brandon and team definitely know what they are doing. From SEO to reputation management they are a great asset and help to our growing list of companies.”

Richart R., CEO of SEO Company

“Having a positive online reputation is vital to any business. Without the online reputation management experience DiamondLinks possesses, there's no telling where we would be as a company today.”

Narin C., CEO of Capital Alliance

“DiamondLinks was a lifesaver. Finance can be a messy industry, and I feel confident continuing in it by having DiamondLinks manage my online reputation.”

Rusty T., CEO of Finance Company

"Brandon Hopkins, the brain behind our SEO strategy [...] He's done a great job for us and has been key in driving our ranking up along with ranking our content."

Reed G. , CEO of SEO Company

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