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On average, paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent - a 200% ROI rate.

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What is Pay Per Click?

A picture can say a thousand words. What is your business communicating? Instagram is more than just pictures! No matter your business, Instagram is a platform your consumers are utilizing. From creating and managing your Instagram content, to running ads targeting Instagram’s 500 million daily users, DiamondLinks has got your covered. Take advantage of this powerful social media tool to better your business presence.

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“After we started partnering with DiamondLinks to boost our off-page SEO, we’ve seen a 300% increase in organic rankings in under 9 months.”
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Search Ads

As the most common form of PPC, search ads appear to individuals who are looking for your industry and/or brand through Google or other search engine. Often used for short term campaign promotions, we recommend search ads to those who are aiming to acquire high-quality and relevant new customers.

Retargeting Ads

Through remarketing, DiamondLinks team of experts will help you re-engage users who have expressed an interest in your business. Get ready to turn your potential customers into loyal customers!

Display Ads

Display ads appear on Google’s partner websites, targeting people who visited similar sites to your business. DiamondLinks offers individual display marketing strategies to increase exposure and conversions through the management of both direct response and brand awareness campaigns. 

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Get the results you need while maximizing your ROI.

DiamondLinks tailors our campaign strategies to meet your needs. Every client is different, and we monitor your campaigns for any trends that may be specific to your industry or market. We provide monthly reports of our Pay Per Click services, so you can see the results ensuring you are getting the best bid prices and are maximizing ROI.