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  • Reputation is everything when it comes to attracting the right kind of client.
  • Positive sentiments engage customers and distract from negative press.
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Every law firm needs to pay close attention to its professional reputation. Clients of all kinds frequently research prospective firms before engaging their services, and it pays to promote your business in a positive light. DiamondLinks can help any legal business, be it an individual lawyer or a worldwide firm, enhance its reputation through the creation of positive information and the mitigation of negative press.

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Every law firm also services clients that could benefit from Online Reputation Management in both proactive and reactive circumstances. DiamondLinks partners with law firms to offer ORM to their clients for a variety of scenarios which commonly include IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, litigation and key executive transitions.

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“Having a positive online reputation is vital to any business. Without the online reputation management experience DiamondLinks possesses, there's no telling where we would be as a company today.”
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The Importance Of Your Law Firm’s Reputation


Everything your law firm has done makes up part of your reputation. You may also have unfair information applied to you by disgruntled clients, competitors, or people who are frustrated with your service in some way. Having a positive and carefully curated reputation is everything when it comes to attracting the right kind of client.

When savvy clients understand everything your law firm has done in the past, they will be able to judge whether your approach to legal matters fits in with their needs. News coverage, press releases, reviews, and word of mouth are the components of creating a positive reputation.

While it may be difficult to control for negative press coverage or entries on review sites, our company is able to both present positive information as a counter to this problem and create a way to remove or neutralize negative information.

Legal Reputation
Legal Reputation

One of the key points of ensuring a law firm’s viability is the presence of positive reviews; both online and in the media. 83 percent of potential clients check on these before choosing legal representation. Many clients, especially those who are less savvy in the legal field, will base their opinion of your firm solely on these reviews.

The problem with this method of screening firms is that the information may be provided by a business or individual with an unfair view of your services. It is possible that damaging information may be posted by a person who has lost a lawsuit against your firm or by a disgruntled former employee.

This is a backhanded compliment in a way, but the unfair view should not have the opportunity to be the sole voice of your firm’s reputation. It is crucial to provide positive information that can draw the potential client away from negative views of your firm. Competitors may also post damaging information as a means of shutting off your pipeline of new business.

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Another key portion of your firm’s reputation is the word of mouth recommendation. When consumers are inexperienced with law firms, word of mouth is the most important way for them to find legal representation. This could lead to the wrong type of client for your business. While there may not be much your firm can do to control for word of mouth information, it pays to make sure that your business is in good standing in the community and provides a valuable service to its clients.

Legal Reputation
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Have A Solid Web Presence

It is vital that your business website be accurate, free of misleading information, and easy to use. One of the most important features should be accurate contact information for your firm.

It is also very helpful to include a legal blog where your attorneys can share information about the industry and answer frequently asked questions. Having a blog may set your website apart, but you need to make sure that it is fully and completely updated.

Having old and outdated entries come up in a search is a poor way to make a good first impression. Updating once a month or even once a week is ideal. Our company can help with the creation of blog entries for your law firm.

It is also wise to become a guest writer on other legal websites. Writing expert pieces and editorials on other blogs and in magazines can also help you create a better public image. Overall, make sure that the information you are presenting is accurate and helpful.

Find The Right Clients

The relationship between the attorney and the client is highly important. When your law firm has the right website, it will be easier to find the right clients. It pays to sit down and decide on the profile of your ideal client.

If your company is looking for business clients, it is smart to advertise in areas where businesses are looking for services, like LinkedIn. If you are looking for certain types of businesses to represent, it is smart to make yourself familiar with their professional contacts.

Making sure that your information on your website is clear and concise will help you avoid situations where the wrong clients come to you for help.

Understand Your Competitors

To enhance your advantage over other law firms in your area, it is smart to do in-depth research on your local competitors. This can help you decide which aspects of your company can be used to help you get more business. Some areas you should study include:

  • Educational and business background of the attorneys at your competing firm
  • Types of clients they serve most frequently
  • Outstanding cases in their past
  • Cases they have not successfully litigated
  • Their business philosophy
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We Help You Mitigate Negative Information.


Law firms need to be smart about how they handle their online and offline reputation. Our company can help your law firm achieve the best possible reputation and attract the right clients. Mitigating the effects of negative online information is our specialty, and even if your firm has found itself at a disadvantage in the past, we will be able to help you present yourself in the best light.

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