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It’s long been known that not all links are created equal. That begs the questions, “Which links are best?” and “How do I know if I’m getting good links?”

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Link Building

Contextually Relevant Links

Content (or links) without context is meaningless! Would you rather have two links on unrelated pages or one link on a relevant page? Context is everything and Google knows that!

Google’s awareness of what a page is about is truly astonishing. Google is able to return results not just based on words and phrases but through an extensive algorithm called latent semantic indexing (or latent semantic analysis). This means that Google knows the words “dentist”, “tooth” and “pain” are all related even though the words stand alone. This is why context is important!

If your link is on a page that is completely unrelated to your keywords and industry, you’re not fooling Google. You’re losing value in your links because they’re contextually unrelated.

We solve that by ensuring your links are on contextually relevant pages.

Link Building - Diamond Links
Link Building

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