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Should I Buy Backlinks? [2019 Update!]

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Buying Backlinks vs Building Backlinks

There are two clear schools of thought regarding backlinks. One person will tell you to buy backlinks while the other will tell you never to buy backlinks.

Your choice should always come down to how much you trust the person telling you what to do.

Questions to ask before buying backlinks

Before engaging a company to buy backlinks, you should always ask them a few questions.

  • Can you show me results of clients that you’ve worked with?
  • Can you show me current first page rankings?
  • How do you buy backlinks?
  • Are these links permanent or will there be ongoing costs?
  • Will my link be on a relevant page?
  • Will the link be in contextual content?

If a company cannot show you current examples of their clients, they either do not have any clients, or are unsuccessful with their backlink results.

There are many ways to buy backlinks, and many of those ways are toxic. Many companies will simply go to Fiverr.com and buy a link for $5 and charge you $200. Not only was the backlink worth $5, it could also hurt your website. Having dangerous backlinks can hurt your rankings.

A successful way to buy backlinks is less about the money, but more about the process. The best backlinks come from page-relevant, contextual content.

Page Relevant Link Building

Page relevant link building means that the page where your link is found, is about your topic or industry. Google can easily detect page relevance and that relevance is a factor in whether or not that link is helpful, harmful or even ignored by the search engine algorithm.

A simple example would be a company selling red widgets. If your link is found on a website page teaching how to install a red widget, that is page relevant. If your link is found on a website page about gardening tips, that is not relevant.

Always ask about page relevance.

Buy Links in Contextual Content

Contextual content is extremely important to the search engine algorithm and important if you’re going to rank well. Contextual content is similar to page relevance with a small addition, contextual content seeks not to answer a question but to provide information.

Links should always be surrounded by contextual content.

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