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Ask DiamondLinks: What is Your #1 Tip For Reputation Management?

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A client submitted the question: “If you could only give me one tip, what’s the most important thing in reputation management?”

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The most important thing that I would tell somebody about reputation management is simply the motto DiamondLinks lives by:

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Let me explain what our motto means. 

Great Content

Great content matches the search results. For us, it is content designed to fit a particular website in order to rank for a client’s name.

Incorrect Assumptions

An incorrect assumption is that great content has to be incredibly long or super short in length. Great content can be 5,000 words, and it can be 500 words. We recommend looking at the results that show up when conducting a search with your search term when trying to determine the length of content. If you see numerous pages that are 5,000 words, then it can be safe to assume Google wants you to have content that is 5,000 words.

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Other Types of Media

Other components to look for are things like video, outbound links or infographics. If you see a lot of these things on similar pages from search results, it is a safe bet that Google wants to see various forms of media in the content that you are publishing.

Great Sites

Once we have the great content in place, we take it and publish it on great sites.

Sometimes great sites can be a client’s website. For example, if the client has an exact match domain, we would normally want to publish content on their page. A majority of the time though, we’ll take our great content and publish it on a relevant third party site. We vet the third party site to make sure it matches our criteria needed.

In these instances, we will negotiate with the website owner on posting our content to their page.

Great Results

Once the great sites are secured, we wait for the great results. 

For DiamondLinks, we don’t care to try to go head-to-head with the algorithm. We do not try and see if we can force Google into submission. What we like to do is work with Google’s algorithm and say, “What do you want to see for this client?”

Long story short, we give the algorithm what it wants to see. By working with the algorithm, we don’t need to stay abreast of every single minor change that Google makes, whether it’s an update or a tweak.

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There has never been an update from Google since we’ve been in business that has negatively affected our clients websites. This is because we don’t try to force Google into what we want to do.

We accomplish our goals by taking great content, placing it on great sites, leading to great results.

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