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Ask DiamondLinks: What is the Difference Between Proactive and Reactive Reputation Management?

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Today’s Ask DiamondLinks question comes from a reader who asks: “You mentioned proactive and reactive reputation management. What’s the difference?”

That’s a great question that we typically talk through with our clients to discover their needs and how we can be able to help them. The best way to break down the difference is like this:

Proactive Reputation Management

Proactive Reputation Management is simply being able to take action before there is a negative outcome. Some examples of why a client may come to us for proactive reputation management services include:

Services Proactive 1

With proactive reputation management, we know an event is coming and we can start to implement reputation management processes now to proactively help our clients in the future.

Reactive Reputation Management

The opposite is reactive reputation management. This type of reputation management is when a client already has negatives online.

Basically, “something” already happened, and now these negative articles, websites and listings show up when conducting a search of the client name or company name. As you can imagine, this is by far the most common reputation management. With Reactive Reputation Management, DiamondLinks services include:

Services Reactive

Since we don’t know what the negatives are going to be, we try to publish the highest quality content to the best websites, domains and social media. We do everything we can to to proactively protect and insulate our client and/or their business.

If you need some help or if you run an agency and need us to manage the reputation of your clients, send us a message!

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